Managing A Small Business

Changing Business Locations

Expansion for companies tends to occur in leaps and bounds, and it can create chaos what it happens. Moving the company immediately might seem to be the best way to handle the situation, but it can create its own set of difficulties if done precipitously. Changing business locations can be stressful for customers and employees, and it can negate growth. Doing it in steps is one way to solve the issues that can happen, and it will take a firm plan to do it with almost no problems. There are alternatives that will alleviate the current issues for a time, and these solutions will give the owner time to move in a fashion that will accommodate everyone.

Renting Storage Space

While the electronic age has done much to eliminate almost all paperwork from the office, supplies are still a necessity in many cases. Even when the current location becomes untenable, renting storage space can be an alternative to moving right away. It might seem inconvenient at first, but employees will quickly learn how to manage their own supplies that are at the location, and they will become used to ordering what they need for the week from storage. Moving could still be an important step, but it will give everyone some breathing space to come up with a plan.

Finding a New Location

Moving an entire company can be much more difficult than changing spaces, and it is important to find a place where the business can continue to grow. Companies that move every year or two will eventually find their customers are unwilling to keep hunting for them, so it is best to plan ahead for current needs and future growth. Finding a new location that will work well into the future could be difficult, so taking enough time for this step is important. Business owners will find it is a large investment in time now that will save them time and effort later.

Customer Convenience

Moving can be difficult for employees, but the effect on customers can be devastating. It is imperative that a company consider customer convenience when choosing a location, but they must also be aware that even a few days with the business shut down can cost them loyalty. Many businesses have found it is best to move during days they would normally be shut down, and some of them do it in steps to retain their customers. They have found that moving administrative offices and manufacturing or production space while keeping the front office and customer service functions at the old location works best for retaining customers and making the move easier.

There are many facets of moving that must be considered when it is time to find a new location. Few businesses are interested in splitting up their assets for more than a few months, so they will need to formulate a plan that keeps their employees working and serves their customers. Interim steps such as renting storage might help for a time, but it is important to find a new location that will work well into the future. For those making the move, doing it in small increments might be best for customers retention.